Windows Phone and WinRT to merge?

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Windows Phone and WinRT to merge?

Post by DreamensioN » Wed 02 Jul, 2014 12:55 pm

Interesting indeed...

Making WinPhone & WinRT devices all cross compatible is a very interesting move. ... dows-phone ... -threshold

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Re: Windows Phone and WinRT to merge?

Post by cGr » Wed 02 Jul, 2014 5:42 pm

Winphone and WinRT cross compatibility is just Microsoft following apple's development path. I agree it makes no sense to develop for both platforms, but why Microsoft went down that path to begin with is probably just a hangover from Windows 7/earlier kernels.

Metro sucks balls on anything above a laptop, much less windows server where 99.999% of your time is spent in powershell or a remote desktop. Good riddance to it in Win9.

And I'm sorry, saying that something will "upset the world" is just Microsoft's lame arse attempt to replicate the interest that the apple fanbase generate for any new release from Cupertino. When Microsoft release something properly revolutionary (that is good and not just trying to be a halfway house between a laptop and a tablet), then people will follow.

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