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Re: Any New People?!

Post by daBOODA » Fri 12 Jul, 2013 11:12 am

So if I were to get a 4x4 for occasional beach and offroading but also for carting around the family I'd be more convenient to get a patrol model?
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Re: Any New People?!

Post by iano » Fri 12 Jul, 2013 1:59 pm

Super insightful post Ted, cheers!

I (naively) assumed a diesel would always work out more economical than a petrol purely looking at fuel consumption figures, but because they constantly need their legs stretched this isn't really the case at all.

So basically what you're saying is if you use them as urban runabouts, they will wear out a lot more quickly than they should? My brother has a 94 HJZ cruiser cab chassis ute with the naturally aspirated 4.0L diesel donk. Hardly the most suitable vehicle for a guy living in an apartment in Fitzroy. Should I tell him not to drive the thing unless going a proper distance?
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Re: Any New People?!

Post by Ted » Fri 12 Jul, 2013 3:18 pm

Iano - no problem for that engine. Older and more commercial/agricultural engines are fine for low km work. They are in effect low technology engines and work just as well in 4WDs as they do with farm machinery. Its the newer stuff that needs to perform a regen in order to burn off the soot that the greenies don't want to see. Just because new diesels do not blow out the black stuff doesn't mean its disappeared. Tell your brother to make sure he puts his manual hubs in every now and then, even in 2WD, to make sure that they stay serviceable.

Eric - its not necessarily more economical to run a diesel over a petrol. Do the sums, taking into account purchase price, sell price, fuel costs, servicing costs and insurance. There will be a cross over point where the petrol becomes more economical. By reading fuel consumption figures alone, cars like say a Golf TSi may seem great against say a Corolla till you factor in the price of PULP over ULP. For your use, work out what sort of kms you want to do. One big plus for a diesel is the long range, and for the later engines the ability to get decent performance in the midrange. But if you are not doing big kms, and you are not buying new, petrol models can give you a lot of fruit for the coin.

And personally, the car I take to the beach is the one with Sargents on the side. Can't see any reason I would buy a car for a 3 day jaunt to the beach once a year. With offroading, work out how far off the track you want to get. If its just Forestry roads, then you may not need a 4WD but just something with AWD and decent ground clearance. If you want to get more remote, then having a decent transfer case and 3 diffs will always work better than something with electronic trickery (provided the driver has some sense). To give you an idea, the launch of the latest CX7 and CX9 was done on a beach, with all cars running full road tyre pressures. No towing of cars was required to get them from the start to the end.
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Re: Any New People?!

Post by cGr » Fri 12 Jul, 2013 9:39 pm

daBOODA wrote:Are diesels cheaper to run than petrol? Or is it that they are better at off roading? If they are cheaper to run why aren't more people buying them? Every taxi in Europe seems to be a diesel so it seems that the mileage is better

Diesel servicing costs are higher, and the local price of diesel (where servo's get away with even more than they do with the price of petrol) didn't add up for me. A friend had a diesel Peugeot 206, and for around town work it chewed waaaaay more fuel than the mini. Interestingly, he has since ditched his two diesel's for Japanese petrol cars.

1.6l turbo petrol engines with good gearing is where its at.

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Re: Any New People?!

Post by Tofu » Thu 29 Oct, 2015 3:06 pm

BLAST FROM THE PAST!! I googled my own email address and posts I've made on popped up on google search. Just wanted to drop in and say HI!!

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