350 chev carby to EFI conversion

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350 chev carby to EFI conversion

Post by woody2 » Wed 19 May, 2010 7:53 pm

Guys n gals,

Sorry for posting an automotive question on here..... :lol:

Im currently running a carby fed 350 chev in my 40 and im looking at converting it to efi for some better drivability offroad.

Im hoping to keep things fairly simple so Im looking at an efi throttle body which will just sit in place of the holley carby I currently have. Something similar to this:

http://www.efihardware.com/products/c96 ... tle-bodies

I currently have an HEI dizzy and a 600 Holley running off an electric pump at 6 psi.

But i've got a few questions i'm hoping someone can help me with...

*Im aware I'll have to buy a computer to run the system. Can I run fuel only, utilising my HEI dissy and, if so, are there any recommendations on which computer??

*What other parts do i need to purchase to get this running?? I know I need an EFI fuel Pump, High pressure lines and injectors but what else do I need to consider??

* What would be a reasonable budget for something like this?? I know I can pick up the throttle body for approx $700. Computer will be around $1000. Injectors will be around 100-150 each. I can fit it myself but will need it tuned. Is 3 grand enough?? Or is it way too much??

Any advice welcome...

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Post by blv » Wed 19 May, 2010 8:08 pm

hey mate, the 3rd item down has injector ports in the throttle body so that would be easier to install so you dont have to remove the intake manifold to drill and tap the manifold. the only downside is that you will only have 4 injectors instead of 8.

as for ECU for the package, in all honesty, i would go and talk to the tuners in your area, and see what they can tune and recommend. theres no piont buying an ECU only to find you cant get it tuned locally. As a pretty commonly used ECU on the converted chev, a delco would do the trick, but youd need to make sure you caould get it tuned. I was looking into one of those when i was going to convert my 262ci V6 chev to EFI. ended up selling the car.

other parts to consider would be MAP/MAF sensor, air temp sensor, water temp sensor and crank angle sensor. Usually these can run off the electronic distributors. Im not sure about the HEI one that you have if you can do that.

basically, once an ECU choice has been made, aquire the relevent sensors that are required by the ECU.

as for your budget, i dont think 3k is unreasonable, but keep in mind you can buy a 330hp EFI 350ci Chev crate motor for $5500 here in brissy, so try and shop around to keep costs down.
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Post by mick81 » Wed 19 May, 2010 8:18 pm

If your keen to move to EFI I'd consider selling your current motor and shoehorning a EFI Crate motor or LS1 motor as they work out better cost generally

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