Performance Forums Powerchip thread.

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Performance Forums Powerchip thread.

Post by woody2 » Fri 17 Dec, 2010 9:59 pm

Why you should never take on the might of the car enthusiast forum....

**Warning... it is 48 pages long so far, took me more than several hours to get through it all and contains some extremely funny shit if you read it all. Post #30 is a cracker.

Oh... Its still going... ... t=67261882


(For shits and giggles.... Go to google translate, put in German to German and cut n paste the following...

pv zk pv pv zk pv zk kz zk pv pv pv zk pv zk zk pzk pzk pvzkpkzvpvzk kkkkkk bsch

I lol'd a little bit)
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Post by blv » Sat 18 Dec, 2010 7:34 am

I did see this. fuck it took a long time to get through.

Heres another link
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